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​KTW Wraps LLC was founded in 2012, shortly after we rescued Kelly, a Maltese show dog with a messy top knot! The focus of our family owned business began with creating dog hair accessories that are painless and easy to use. We created the Knotless Hair Wrap to replace conventional hair bands and avoid hair loss and damage when styling with and removing accessories from your dog’s hair. 

These wraps have been used on dogs, horses and even people! This dog accessory sticks to itself, but not the hair, keeping it firmly in place without causing tearing, pulling or knotting. 

With a variety of dog bows to add a touch of style to your pet’s ‘do, the Knotless Hair Wrap is a simple solution to hair that flops into their eyes and food. Great for groomers and owners alike, these dog accessories last up to a week at a time! 

The Knotless Hair Wrap works great on all types of hair, from horses to humans. Try them out for your next equestrian show or to pull back your kids’ hair at dance recitals, swim lessons and more. Order online or contact us for more information on keeping your or your pet’s hair damage free when styling! 
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Knotless Hair Wrap
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