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Do you have long hair that you find hard to keep away from your face? Are you tired of using the traditional rubber bands because you have to create many knots that end up damaging your hair? Or is your pet experiencing the same problem and want to put an end to all that? Welcome to KTW Wraps LLC where we take pride in our cheap hair accessories such as our quality knotless hair wrap that will transform the way you tie your hair to keep it off your face. Our patent pending product is unlike any of the conventional rubber bands that exist; the tape is capable of sticking to itself unlike creating knots that might pull your hair excessively.

Whether you want to keep hair off your face or use it in your dog's hair to keep it out of her eyes and food, our dog hair accessories can help you do so without causing pain; which is often experienced if you use rubber bands and other conventional hair bands. Ours is a revolutionary product that does not tear, pull hair, knot or damage like the traditional bands. It is even durable enough to last for up to a week without needing replacement.

Whether you are going swimming or are engaging in other activities, the knotless hair wrap works perfectly in keeping your hair firmly in place without damaging it. Besides, it is very easy to wrap hair using this revolutionary product; you just need to create very few knots. It will also not leave your hair in a mess, thanks to its ability to remain in place for a long time without slipping or coming off. We have also learned kids prefer it over traditional bands because it hurts less when putting it up or taking it out.

Say goodbye to the pain and inconvenience of using rubber bands by ordering your dog hair bow today!
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