Dog Bows For Sale


We offer dog bows, in different shapes, colors, patterns, and some accented with rhinestones and lace. Each has an elastic band that wraps over the Knotless Hair wrap, for a more secure and attractive style. We, also, offer adorable “Hat bows” available for purchase individually or in bundles of three and six.


The Knotless Hair Wrap lasts about a week, and our dog bows allow you to change your dog’s style every day, season, or holiday.


Place your order below, and visit our “Tips” page for information on how to wrap your pet’s hair.

$1.50 Bows

$1.50 Sun Flowers Bows

$2.50 Bows

$3.00 Bows

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$3.50 Bows

$4.00 Suede Bows

They will never lose their shape or color.

$1.50 Holiday Bows

$3.50 Holiday Bows

$1.50 Hat Bows

$2.50 Hat Bows

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