Topknots & Bows that Stay in Place

Perfect for ANY hair type!

Finally, Knotless Hair Wrap has a product on the market that helps with ponytails, top knots, and updos for your pets, baby, little girl, or even that sweet little dancer in the family.

Our Knotless Hair Wrap works perfectly for very fine and thin hair and will last all day.

So comfortable, you don’t notice it.


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KTW Wraps/ Knotless Hair Wraps

Norma R Doody baby's Kaitlin(above) and Maddie(below)
Using Knotless Hair Wrap before and after photos.

Penny Copeland baby Peaches.
  Using Knotless Hair Wrap before and after photos.

KTW Wraps Dog Bows
Customer reviews
Kayla Hershman reviewed KTW Wraps/ Knotless Hair Wrap — 5 star

"I looked into buying Knotless Hair Wraps for a very long time! I finally gave it a go and bought a roll of pink for my 2 Yorkies. I absolutely love it so far! Definitely a learning curve, but everything we do is a learning curve! I can't thank Cathy enough for all her help in answering my questions! Also, super fast shipping!!"

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