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For top knots and updo's
Dogs Hair  Wraps
Hair Wraps For Dogs


Do you want a painless and damage-free alternative for topknots?


Our Knotless Hair Wrap provides the perfect substitution for traditional hair/rubber bands. At KTW Wraps LLC, we remain passionate about creating hair accessories that will transform the way you band the hair for top knots or updos. Regardless of your pet's or your hair type, we guarantee that our wraps will put an end to the damage, big knots, and pain associated with typical banding.


The Knotless Hair Wrap easily wraps and detaches and will last a week or more. You can still use the dog hair bows with our wraps.


Dogs Hair  Wraps
Bow Ties For Pets
Knotless Hair Wraps
Customer photo using Knotless Hair Wrap.
Lori Harrison
Dog Hair Bows
Bow Ties For Pets
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