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Elastic Hair Wraps

Leave Elastic Hair Wraps Behind

If you love bow ties for pets, you know how difficult it can be to get them in place and to keep them there. These hair wraps do a great job at holding onto the hair without gripping it painfully. They are incredibly stretchy, and this allows them to adhere to themselves without actually being sticky. Just stretch a hair wrap around your pet's hair and place a bow tie's elastic band under the wrap as well. You can then hold it in place for as long as you like without having to change the tension or loop it around the hair again. Bow ties for pets are accessories that many dog owners would never be without, but they don't like to cause pain to their pets. With these ingenious hair wraps for dogs, now you no longer have to.

Elastic hair wraps have been used for decades for both humans and animals. These work to hold the hair in place, but they start to sag over time and get too stretched to be useful any longer. And in addition to that, they tend to pinch your fingers when you're wrapping them around the hair. Getting them back out of hair can be a nightmare, as they grip the hair all along the way as you try to wrestle them out. Elastic bands may have some use, but they don't belong in the hair of humans or pets. Using these hair wraps instead makes it all simpler and easier. It doesn't have any sticky residue as normal tape would, but it doesn't have the gripping structure that an elastic band would. It takes the best features of an elastic band but has none of the downsides.

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