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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Hair Accessories

Q. What is Knotless Hair Wrap?

A. It is a residue-free tape/band that ties up the hair and only sticks to itself. While we originally created the wrap for dogs, we found that it works great in human top knots.


Q. What is the advantage of using this product versus traditional hair bands and clips?

A. Because it only sticks to itself, the wrap does not tangle or knot hair like it does with rubber bands. When properly applied and the hair does not wrap in the band, removing it will not cause the hair to pull out—and there is less to no pain involved. If you see hair, when you remove the wrap, it is because strands were stuck in between the tape—during the wrapping process.


Q. Is it reusable?

A. No. Once the wrap creates a bond, it is not reusable; however, during the initial wrapping process and before the bonding, you can unwrap it.


Q. How much do I need to use?

A. This depends on the hair’s thickness that you will wrap. You can use as little as 1 to 1.5 inches—per use.


Q. Is it hard to use?

A. There is a learning curve. It may take a couple times to fully grasp how to wrap the hair. Like any new experience, the more you use it, the better you become.


Q. Where and in what manner can I use Knotless Hair Wrap?

A. You can use the tape on all hair types, including animals and humans. You can use it anywhere on the body, for a dog’s topknot. You can use it in double top knots, if required with some breeds. It is also great for human hair: for topknots, updo’s, ponytails, feathers, etc. It is works great for the swimmer in your family. The wrap will not move, when swimming or playing in the pool.


Q. Can I use a bow with the product?

A. Yes, you can! Please see the product and info page, for instructions.


Q. Do you have an instructional video?

A. Yes, we do! Please see the product and info page. We, also, have verbal instructions. You can visit the home page, to view the latest video.


Q. Do you ship outside the USA?

A. Yes. Shipping takes about 2 weeks to arrive. 


Q. Is it harmful?

A. No. It does not harm the hair, and if a pet or child happens to eat it, it will not cause them any harm.


Q. How do I place an order and what payment options are available?

A. To place an order: you can order through our website, call us, send an email, send a message through our Facebook page, or click the “contact us” buttons found on our website.


Q. What if I am unsatisfied with the product?

A. Though we like to think everyone will love our product; if you don’t, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Please let us know, if you have any problems or concerns. 

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