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KTW Wraps LLC, founded in 2012, is a family-owned business. The idea started, shortly after we rescued Kelly—a Maltese show-dog with a messy top knot! We wanted a painless and easy to use dog hair accessory that would replace conventional rubber bands and dramatically decrease hair loss and damage. We created the Knotless Hair Wrap so that it only sticks to itself and will not rip, pull, or knot hair.


The Knotless Hair Wrap works great on all hair types and delivers a simple solution, for hair that flops in eyes or food. The wrap lasts up to a week or more, which makes it fantastic for groomers! Dogs, horses, and even people use our wraps! Use them for the next equestrian show, or pull back your child’s hair for dance recitals, swimming, and more.


Order online today! We offer trial packs, for beginners, and a variety of dog bows that add style and beauty to your pet’s do. Contact us, for more information on how to style yours or your pet’s hair damage-free!

Top Knots for Dogs
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